Join the fund-raisers

Fund-raising takes many paths.

– Join the fund-raising team and help plan the events and activities which are needed to raise money.

– Volunteer to help in our lifeboat shop at Anchor Head.

– Carry out a one off event or sponsored activity to raise money for us.

Joining the Fund-raising Team

Lifeboat Pull
The fundraising branch of Weston-super-Mare RNLI holds a regular series of events to encourage public donations. These include
The Lifeboat Pull, concerts, open days, the raft race, bucket collections, Lifeboat Week.

If you want to start helping with these events then contact Peter Elmont Chairman of the RNLI Fundraising Branch.



Volunteering in the ShopThe Anchor Head Shop
Our lifeboat shop at Anchor Head is very busy during the summer season. It sells souvenirs and RNLI memorabilia. It is staffed entirely by volunteers who all give up three hours a time on a rota basis. Any skills needed to run the shop will be provided. If this interest you please contact Peter Elmont Chairman of the RNLI Fundraising Branch Contact details



Do your own thing for Weston RNLI
There are lots of ways you can do something to help the RNLI. It could be a sponsored activity such as a cycle ride, special swim, parachute jump, etc. These can be done by yourself or with friends and colleagues.
If you decide to do something like this there are a number of steps to take if you wish to  make sure that the funds you collect go to Weston-super-Mare RNLI.
•    If you set up a Just Giving or a Virgin Giving site, so people can donate online, make sure you write in the description on the page that you are collecting for Weston RNLI.
•    If you want any publicity or assistance contact Peter Elmont
•    If there is an opportunity for a photo opportunity contact  Glyn Hayes
•    After the event any cheques should be made payable to Weston RNLI
•    Deliver cheques and cash to: Judy Hayes, Weston RNLI Treasurer, with a description of what you have done.
•    If using online sponsorship, when you have finished collecting money send an email to Judy Hayes with the name of the site and say that you will not expect any further monies to be collected.

If you are part of an organisation collecting money for Weston RNLI, such as pub quizzes, sponsored walks, theme nights, etc then:
•    Make sure we know about your activity in advance so we can advise of what we can do to help.
•    After the event arrange a cheque presentation event which can be publicised.

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