The Crew

Crew 2016 (2)


Age 41 Job: Plumber "My best moment so far was swimming to help a man and seeing the look of pure relief on his face."

Steve Milsom


Age: 37 Day job: Seafront and events ranger "I’m a water sportsman and I enjoy putting something back in."

Nigel Congram


Age: 54 Day job: GP "I love going out in the Atlantic lifeboat at speed on a calm sea."

Mike Pimm

Shore Crew

Age: 36 Job: Loss Prevention "After growing up by the sea and seeing the lifeboats going out it was something I always wanted to do."

Mark Frost


Age 66: Day job: retired GP "As a life-long sailor, I joined the RNLI as soon as I moved to Weston."

Glyn Hayes

Press officer

Age: 53 Day job: Engineering project manager "The best feeling is knowing the team has made the difference."

Chris Payne

Deputy launching authority

Age: 40 Day job: Project Manager "My best moment so far was successfully talking a lady out of taking her own life."

Mike Buckland


Age: 36 Day job: Medical Engineer "I loved the adrenaline on my first job."

Boat Crew

Age: 34 Day job: Horse Riding Instructor Why do you volunteer for the RNLI?: It's a fantastic Charity to volunteer for, being part of it is like have an extended family. Best moment on the job so far: Pulling 3 kids off the rocks at Knightstone and returning them to their parents. Top tip for life:

Jennie Williams

Lifeboat Training Coordinator

Age: 68 Day job: Retired "It's great being accepted by the rest of the crew as an equal."

Bob Godbold

Head Launcher