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The Bristol Channel is one of the most dangerous waters in the world. With nearly the highest range of tide, even the most careful can get caught out by the rapid rise in sea level and the very strong tidal streams.

My team is here to help when anyone gets into trouble. The team consists of the crew at the station, who crew the lifeboats, and our fund-raisers, who make sure we have enough funds to continue with our life saving service. We depend on our local community to support us.

All involved are dedicated to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the RNLI. We are all volunteers giving our time freely for a cause we believe in. Whatever time of day or night or whatever time of year we are ready to carry out our task of saving lives at sea.

In this web site you will find details about our station, our services and other activities, fund-raising events and our history. There are also details for those who might want to join us, either as fund-raisers or as crew.

Mike Buckland

Lifeboat Operations Manager




Weston-super-Mare RNLI Volunteer Fundraisers

The Weston-super-Mare RNLI Fundraising Branch has a proud history of raising funds for their ‘own’ lifeboat. Certificates of thanks have been given over the years to the branch and also other awards to individuals who have done sterling service on behalf of the RNLI. They are all very proud that every one of them is a volunteer.

Many events are run by the fundraisers during the year.

We run a shop at Anchor Head which sells RNLI souvenirs and second-hand books which is open from March to October/November

We have a lifeboat pull along the seafront every year (usually in May). We also attend the 999 day held on the Beach Lawns in July, which is organised by the local RNLI as a whole. In August we have a concentrated fundraising two weeks in the Sovereign Centre and on the Grand Pier; also in August we have an open day linking the station and the shop at Anchor Head which has boat displays and other items of lifeboat interest. Late in August we have a raft race on the Marine Lake.

During the year we take part in bucket collections at various supermarkets and attend other functions such as the Air Days held on the Beach Lawns, The Rotary Christmas Fayre in the Winter Gardens and any other suitable functions which may happen during the year.

On various days in the summer we have souvenirs sales on the Sea Front when we use our new gazebo sponsored by Teepol on line.

We have a team of speakers who can give a talk to local organisations; we have Carol Service every year at the Salvation Army Citadel and arrange other concerts during the year.

If you think you would like to be involved or can help in any way please contact Peter Elmont on 07724 511022 or by email on Peter.elmont@gmx.co.uk.


Peter ElmontPeter Elmont


Weston-super-Mare RNLI Fundraising


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