The Grand Pier at Weston-super-Mare is an excellent target for collecting donations for the RNLI.

The Pier and one of its ex employees received certificates of thanks for the help they have given during the year.

Weston RNLI fundraising branch works hard all year to collect donations towards the new station so desperately needed by the Weston RNLI volunteer crew. One of the challenges is the huge number of tourists who visit Weston every year.

Many of these go to the Grand Pier. Throughout the year one supporter, who used to work on the Pier, spends his retirement collecting donations from the hundreds of tourists who go there. John Boyne has been collecting for two years. Last year he raised £5246 but this year he increased the amount to £6195.

As well as John collecting throughout the year the Pier invites the rest of our fundraisers to use the Pier for several weeks in the summer. The total collected on the Pier this year was £9415.

Both John and Michelle were awarded with signed certificate of thanks for their support to the RNLI.

Peter Elmont, chairman of Weston RNLI fundraisers, said: ‘first can I thank John Boyne for his incredible solo efforts. To have collected £11, 441 over two years is a magnificent effort for which we are extremely grateful. Second can I thank Michelle Michael, the pier Owner, Allowing us to collect again this year means we are able to collect a great deal of money towards the new station our crews need so badly.

The pictures attached show from left to right,

Pete Elmont, Michelle Michael, John Boyne.