Weston RNLI volunteer crew are entertained to a magnificent meal by a supporter.

It is not often the crew receive such direct approval as to be offered a slap-up meal from one of the supporters in the community.

The crew of Weston RNLI lifeboat station are all volunteers. They carry out their role without thought of reward. Just the knowledge they are doing something good for the community keeps them going.

It is thus doubly welcome when the community makes a statement of how much their efforts are appreciated. On Tuesday night Mr Sayd Ahmed, owner of Pappadoms, the Indian Takeaway in Milton Rd, Weston, arranged for the whole crew and their partners to have a meal at Jaans Indian Restaurant in Whitecross Road.

The meal, cooked jointly at Pappadoms and Jaans was described by the crew as fantastic and a good night was had by all.

Mike Buckland Lifeboat Operations Manager said: ‘This was a lovely meal thanks to Sayd’s generosity. He is well known for supporting what we do, donating chocolates for the crew at Christmas and  prizes for our raffles. To give us this evening on top of all that is remarkable and very kind. It gives us faith that we do have the community behind us. We would also like to thank Ali from Jaans for letting us use his restaurant tonight.’

In reply Mr Ahmed said: ‘I hope you have enjoyed the evening. We believe the community should do whatever it can to help you in your volunteer role of saving lives at sea. The Bangladeshi community is hugely in support of you.

The pictures attached show

The crew eating at the Restaurant

Mr Ahmed, second from the right, sitting with the crew.

All credited to Weston RNLI