A very successful Concert by the band of the Royal Marines was held in Weston for the RNLI

On Sunday 23 September, the Playhouse Theatre in Weston was packed for a concert organised by the Weston RNLI fundraisers who are collecting money towards their new station.

The concert, organised by the Fundraising Branch of Weston RNLI was open to the public. Its purpose was to raise funds for the new lifeboat station which Weston RNLI volunteers so desperately need to continue their role of saving lives at sea.  Distinguished guests included Lord Jeffrey Archer, born in Weston, Sir Tim Laurence Vice Admiral, RNLI Trustee, and Councillor and Mrs Michael Lyall Mayor of Weston.

The event was well attended and everyone was hugely impressed by the scope and quality of the music played. The pieces ranged from classical overtures to the well know nautical tunes of Life on the Ocean Wave and Hearts of Oak. The Corp of Drums were spectacular.  For the closing session they stood in the aisles and played Sunset on their bugles and then beat Retreat on their drums. No one in the audience could avoid the hairs on their neck standing on end.

The Lifeboat Prayer was read by Sir Tim Laurence who gave a short speech about Weston RNLI.

Captain Powell, the Director of Music said: ‘We are always happy to support the RNLI and this Playhouse Theatre is a warm and lovely venue for us to play in.

Dr George Papworth, President of Weston RNLI Fundraisers said: ‘This rousing and profitable event gave all who attended a memorable and enjoyable afternoon while helping in our quest to raise money for the new lifeboat station.’

The pictures above show

·         Captain Powell, Weston Lifeboat Operations Manager, Mike Buckland and Bandmaster WO2 Jules Cook

·         Cpt Powell, Mayoress, Lord Archer, Mayor, WO2 Jules Cook

·         Sir Tim Laurence reading the Lifeboat Prayer

·         The Royal Marines Band with Corp of Drums at the side

All credited to John Tyson/Weston RNLI