Weston RNLI’s seafront Lifeboat Station has been ‘vandalised’

The outside of the temporary station, near Marine Lake, has been damaged, with an eye-catching image of the volunteer crew torn in half. One of the RNLI’s vehicles has also been damaged.

 The vehicle that has been damaged is used for important life saving operations at the lifeboat station. For example; to collect fuel for the lifeboats, transport equipment and attend emergencies on the beachfront.

The RNLI is funded solely from the generosity of public donations so money that is planned for vital equipment and supplies also has to cover the damage that has been incurred.

Glyn Hayes, Lifeboat Press Officer at Weston said: “It appears that the picture was the cause of the damage to the truck. We were at the station on September 23 and nothing was noticed. The weather has been fine since and so we are wondering if it is vandalism. Someone appears to have torn the picture down, damaging the truck in doing so. Otherwise, there is no discernible reason for the picture falling down.”

It is believed that the damaged was caused between 12pm on Sunday 23 September and 7pm on Tuesday 25 September.

Anyone with information about the damage is asked to call Glyn Hayes on 07774 181418, or contact the station via instant messenger on their Facebook social media page.