Weston-super-Mare RNLI saves the lives of two children

04 April 2016                                                                 Weston – Super – Mare

Weston-super Mare volunteer Lifeboat crew were called to help two children cut off on the rocks by the tide.

It was 4:30 on Monday afternoon when a member of the public raised the alarm about two children cut off by the tide. She was standing on the promenade at Anchor Head when she saw two children playing on the rocks. As she watched the tide started coming in and cut them off before they realised what was happening. She raised the alarm and Milford Haven coastguard alerted the volunteer crew of Weston-super-Mare RNLI.
Although they were all at their days jobs, they all ran when their pagers sounded off. The D Class lifeboat Anna Stock was launched within minutes and raced around Knightstone Island to where the boys were trapped. Each boy was perched on a rock with the water rising around them. One already had his feet in the water. Although the rocks are sharp and hazardous the crew manoeuvred the lifeboat in amongst the rocks and grabbed both boys. Once they were safely in the lifeboat it returned to Knightstone Harbour were the boys were landed. They were taken to the lifeboat station to be interviewed by the police and to await their parents. Neither was hurt but both were rather ashamed at being caught out by the tide.
Nigel Congram, helmsman of the Anna Stock said; ‘These two lads were lucky. The tide around here rises very, very quickly and if we had been some minutes later they would have drowned. The Bristol Channel has the second highest range of tides in the world and everyone should treat the sea with respect.’

Attached photographs show boat being retrieved at Knightstone Harbour