Lunch time call to assist animal

20th November 2015                        Weston Super Mare

Weston Super Mare Volunteer Lifeboat Crew were paged at 12.43 by Milford Haven Coastguard, the crew were tasked to assist Avon Fire & Rescue and local Coastguard teams. A cow had entered the water at Sand Point.
The Shore Crew of Weston quickly made the boats ready to launch at knightstone slipway within 6 minutes of the pagers sounding.

With every increasing winds, the Deputy Launching Authority made the decision for B-769 “Coventry & Warwickshire” to attend the call alone, with D-696 “Anna Stock” staying shore side awaiting the conditions to drop at sea. During this call D-696 didn’t launch. Throughout the call the weather and sea conditions never dropped enough so the boat could safely operate.

The Crew of B-769 made good speed across to Sand Bay despite the ever increasingly difficult sea conditions. Within minutes of being the area the Lifeboat had located the distressed animal. The lifeboats helmsman decided to keep a good distance from the animal. Fearing scaring the animal would not help the already tough situation for all rescues teams involved.

After sometime with the help of a local farmer, Avon Fire & Rescue and Coastguard Teams helped the animal back to the safety of dry land.
The lifeboat left the scene at 15.08, with the current tide state the lifeboat was unable to recover on to its carriage. The deputy launch authority made the decision for the lifeboat to be moored on a pontoon in the Weston Yacht Club area of the River Axe.

The crew headed back to the Lifeboat station by land at 16.30.

Weston Super Mare RNLI Deputy Launch Authority Bob Goldbold said “this call was unusual, however it’s always great to get a positive outcome from any call our volunteers attend”

Chris Lyons Weston Super Mare RNLI DLPO 07825347697